Summer 2017 Fashion Trends: Office Wear for Men

Stay Classy, 2017

With spring knocking on our doors, so does a new wardrobe for the office. Sure, you can’t stick with your old clothes, but we all like a little change, sometimes. But what should you change to? Well, good thing you asked because there are a lot of new 2017 trends that you wouldn’t to miss. Among these styles, you’ll see a return to traditional patterns and Anglo-Saxon styles that were seen in the United States more than half a century ago. Here’s the top five office wear for men trends in the spring of 2017:


The post-modernism of the ending decade has brought about a similar, but new type of suit that has come to the forefront in 2017. Whereas old-fashioned suits prided themselves on their tightness around the body, new suit styles are far more relaxed. While, in following the English tradition, it’s important to have a thin waist, though it doesn’t have to choke the life out of you either. In addition, you should make sure you jacket has broad shoulders and slim trousers. It’s necessary to understand that right now, we’re between a modern approach to apparel in the work place, and a desire to return to the styles of the 1930s. The combination of the two has brought out the most important style of 2017: the display of masculinity and classic looks in suits.

The most popular color this year is green, so stick with that. No deep greens; stay around the ballpark of simply-designed mint greens and lime greens. Mixing these ties with polka-dot shirts or black satin shirts is also a good idea. Don’t be bold and go with other deep colors, like a dark red or blue. They’re not in style and it’s not a good choice for now. Right now, the modern, efficient, and dominant green reigns in the office space, and that’s what you should stick to. An example for the color, and similar price, that you would want to aim for can be found here.

Design Patterns
Granted that there is a return to the trends seen during the early twentieth century, it is also necessary to modify the patterns on our suits. Dotted or dusty patterned suits are a no-go: leave those in your closets. Also, you might want to steer clear of any kind of chalky-stripe suits. Rather, you should stick with the simple pin stripe pattern, based on vertical lines across the jacket. Or you can go with the herringbone pattern which has recently gained popularity for its unique quality. If neither of those, the houndstooth is another prominent choice that is becoming frequently worn in the new year. To view samples of these, go to your local Dockers or any similar clothing store.

While women have a backyard of jewellery to choose from, guys are a little bit more limited. But, starting this year, a renewed interest in brooches has triggered the trend in wearing those with elaborate designs and masculine symbols. If you’d like to look at examples, you can check some out here. While these don’t attract too much attention like the elegant jewellery that women wear, they successfully blend class with subtlety.

How many buttons do you go with in 2017? With most suits having four buttons, you most likely have four options. But choose carefully. For simplicity’s sake, one button is for the very tall while four buttons is never even an option. That leaves us with two or three buttons. The main difference between them is height and confidence. If you’re a truly confident guy with good posture, you can go with three buttons. But, like most of us, those who will wear the two-button trend will be the majority in 2017. So, if you have no real priority, stick with keeping your suit at two buttons to match the spring’s 2017 trend.

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