Top 5 Fashion Magazines AKA Beauty Bibles

Beauty Bibles
Beauty Bibles

If various art forms were to be compared on the basis of continuing impact, fashion would undoubtedly emerge at the forefront. As a form of self-expression, present throughout human history, fashion defines a broad range of cultural trends ranging from clothing and make-up (the most commonly accepted definitions) to politics, philosophy and religion. The mercurial state of fashion causes new trends to emerge so fast that keeping up with them becomes a daunting task. Not surprisingly, fashion magazines have gained immense popularity among those wishing to keep up with the latest styles. Followers of fashion have options available in the form of e-zines, newsletters and websites, but most agree that having a glossy magazine in hand, which can be carried and read anywhere, beats them all! Here is a list of the five best fashion magazines (secretly hoarded by fashionistas worldwide):

  1. Vogue: Founded in the early 1900’s, Vogue is easily the longest selling and most popular glamour magazine through the ages. The queen of fashion magazines celebrates beauty on a grand scale, with exquisite photography, informative articles on health, beauty, entertainment and much more. With a listing of affordable options, high fashion becomes easy on the pocket as well.
  2. Cosmopolitan: A ‘beauty bible’ for young women the world over, Cosmopolitan features great articles on fashion and beauty, as well as careers, health, travel, relationships and sex. The ‘Health Check’ section provides valuable information on women-specific health issues, while ‘Cosmo for your guy’ and ‘Guy Confessions’ aim to include male readers. Criticism for sexual content in the magazine prompted a spin-off targeted at a younger audience, CosmoGIRL, which also makes for good reading.
  3. InStyle: Aimed at women of all ages, InStyle provides fabulous articles that celebrate differences in age, body size or skin color, debunking popular notions of beauty and attractiveness. The ‘Celebrities at Home’ feature is unique, exploring the daily lives of well-known glamour icons, and their views on beauty, trends and health.
  4. Elle: A popular magazine with fashion-conscious women, Elle covers the world of high fashion, featuring runway trends, designer buys, celebrity lifestyles and must-have lists. This is one magazine that focuses on bringing high fashion and runway trends to women everywhere. Elle features amazing shopping guides as well, with up-to-date information and advice on what to buy.
  5. O, The Oprah Magazine: A new entry in the market, this must-have magazine is filled with inspirational stories, latest trends, cooking tips, health and beauty, and a vibrant Oprah on the cover. The ‘Something to Think About’ feature does just that, giving readers something to think about. Oprah’s confidence and courage have already inspired millions of women to express and celebrate their individuality, and the magazine promises to continue that trend.

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