News Flash: Pearls are Cool Again!

If someone mentions the word pearls to you, chances are it may conjure up images of a classic string of pearls.  It’s probably reminiscent of something your gran used to wear.  Well, be prepared to have your preconceptions changes, the catwalks this coming year are hell bent of changing the perceptions of pearls.

The fashion shows for this past year may already be over, but it’s not hard to look over the trends and see that the jewellery accessory of choice is leaning heavily towards the gem of the ocean.

With this is mind it’s no great stretch to see that Pearls will feature heavily in the coming year.

Thanks to last year for showing to us all that Pearl Jewellery is still very much in vogue, special thanks should go to My Pearls for introducing us to such an exciting range of Pearl Necklaces.

A classic pearl necklace was recently featured at Rag and Bone, stylishly coupled with a seriously cool biker style of jacket.  Successfully showing pearls are not old and stuffy, they are in fact cool, sexy and trendy.

Fashion and Pearls

When the yearly madness which is the New York Fashion week came about, pearls featured heavily, not so much on the catwalk, but certainly off.

The Kardashian clan managed to make an appearance all dressed in white matching pearl outfits.  All wore custom made and designed Yeezy pearls!

Image result for kardashians pearls london

Designer Pearls

Keeping it more local, the brilliant London Fashion Week was located in a funky new venue.  Would you not agree that the new locations fitted the show perfectly?

There was plenty to see, with lots of new and up and coming designers showing us that pearls do not deserve their stuffy image, they are fun, and funky and come in so many styles and variations that you’d be hard pressed to find something that didn’t meet your needs.  They truly leave the memory of your grans pearls far behind.

Oscar Madness

Last years Oscars totally added to the fashion line up of the year.  It seemed that every second or third celebrity on the catwalk had at least a little bit of pearls poking through.  I especially liked Whoopi Goldbergs beautiful Octopus Baroque Pearl Bracelet.  

The Guys Too!

Guys can wear pearls too as demonstrated by Pharrell Willaims, spotted wearing a Chanel white gold, pearl and diamond necklace.  He was quoted as saying “I always wear pearls”, this goes to show pearls have street cred.

Do what suits you.

Whatever way you want to wear your pearls, whether it be classic or modern, they will always be special, cool, stylish and gorgeous.  Pearls will never loose their charm and appeal.  Let’s face it, there is nothing quite like pearls!

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