Spring 2017 Fashion Trends: Office Wear for Women

Spring is a great time to freshen up our wardrobes with some new colours and styles. Everyday clothes can be easier to choose because – well – we each know what we like. Office wear can be harder to select due to the need to present a professional image. It is normal to want to look good, be appropriately dressed for the office, and to add a little bit of flair. The five hottest spring 2017 trends in office wear for women are the vest jacket, the military-style jacket, the kimono-armed jacket, fruit coloured tops, and big, dramatic accessories.

The vest – or vest jacket – has been around a while but an updated, fresh version is here for spring. The vest jacket has traditionally been cut to fall right at the midsection of the body. The hottest vest jackets coming out for spring 2017 will be looser and longer – falling near the hips. Paired with slim-legged trousers or a slim skirt a vest jacket creates a stylish outfit to wear to the office. My favourite, DKNY’s version of the vest jacket, can be purchased at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

The popularity of military style jackets will carry on from past seasons. The military jackets for spring still have the crisp detailing they have had in past seasons – with the addition of shoulder pads reminiscent of the 1980’s and dramatic features like wide collars. These fresh jackets match up nicely with either the new slouchy trouser pants, slim-legged pants, or a slim-fitting skirt with (or without) a flirty ruffle. Rubinsinger.com has some excellent examples of this style and a store locater link for those interested in buying this style.

Loose-fitting jackets with kimono-style arms or rolled up sleeves are the next type of jacket that will be sizzling office wear for spring 2017. These comfortable jackets have shoulder pads like the new military jackets. To break away from the eighties look with these jackets stick with new colours and textures. I recommend wearing this style either in a neutral colour with a colourful top and or in one of the new shades of blue with a white shirt for a classic but trendy look.

The hottest colours for spring are colours one might see in nature – tangerine orange shades, lemony yellows, and cornflower blues. A classic style top or blouse in a fresh, juicy colour is perfect for the office. A top that fits properly looks great with or without a jacket and can go right from the office to anywhere you need to go after work. Ann Taylor’s spring 2017 collection includes classic style tops. Anntaylor.com has fitted tops for sale both in whites and in fresh new colours like tangerine. Artistic floral patterns are also suitable for office wear tops.

Big, dramatic accessories will add a trendy, spring like flair to office wear. Chunky necklaces and earrings, big, bangle bracelets, gorgeous bags, and wide, colourful belts add dramatic touches to an outfit. I have often heard it said that the accessories make the outfit. I think that is truer than ever for spring 2017 office wear – especially if you opt for classic styles or neutral colours. Discount Fashion Accessories is an online store that carries a wide variety of accessories.

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