Hip Hop Abs Review: Dancing My Butt Off

Are you looking for a simple workout program that will help you improve your body all round? If yes, Hiphop Abs is what you are looking for. It is a home workout DVD program designed to help you have fine exercises that will help you burn fats in your body and keep you fit. It emphasizes mostly on the abdomen, thighs, legs, butts and all muscles. The following is a detailed Hip hop abs review with the help of Ideal Fitness, which will make you go for these simple workouts which are not boring and will help you achieve your fitness.

Hip Hop Abs Review

This is a dance workout program that lasts for 24-45 minutes that keeps you engaged and animated throughout the exercise session. This program is well made as the camera movement allows you to see all exercises in all angles making workout easier to follow. It has a sound that takes you through every movement making you feel like you have your trainer around you.

Workouts involved:

1. Ab Sculpt

This is exercises that concentrate on core strengthening, and somehow they are complicated for first timers but are very easy to follow. When we talk about hiphop abs review, this is one of the key workouts that helps burn abdominal fats as it engages the core very much. After the workout, you will feel a real burn, and this exercise takes only 24 minutes together with stretch at the end. This will help one have a flat abdomen and for six pack lovers, they will for nicely, and you will look great.

2. Fat burning cardio

This delivers a full body workout and activates your entire body. It is very intense and burns fats from the entire body. It starts with a warm up, light stretching and a very fun and engaging routine which take 30 minutes. It finishes with stretching to make your body relax. This will always help in weight reduction and have significant drop in fat body percentage.

3. Hip buns and thighs

This targets specific muscle groups of the butt, legs and the thighs. It involves more static and repetitive movements as the beat continues. It has a variety of squats, different types of lunges and some single leg rise on the floor for hamstrings and your butt. It is fascinating, and it takes 25 minutes. This exercise helps to tone the legs, butt, and thighs and helps improve coordination in the body.

4. Total body burn

It is the longest hiphop abs workout in the program, and it is harder. It mostly focuses on lower parts of the body which are thighs and the lower abs. Cardio aspect is more highlighted in total body burn exercise, and it helps burn a lot of body fats. It takes 42 minutes.

Hip Hop Abs Review: Expectations

  • Lose some weight after a time
  • Drop some inches from around the waist
  • Tone your butt, legs, and thighs
  • Nicely carved six pack or a well defined, flat abdomen
  • Body fat percentage reduction
  • Improved cardio, endurance, and agility

Hip Hop Abs Review: Conclusion

From the above Hip hop abs review, it is very clear that this is the simplest way to keep fit and burn body fats. It is fun to use the hip hop abs program, and it will help you achieve your fitness in no time. Use it, and you will never regret.

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