Samurai Sword: Collectable Pieces of Art

The Samurai sword from Blades Pro would be more appropriately defined as any Japanese sword wielded by Samurai or Bushi, as they were known in Japanese history; however modern films and television shows have incorrectly portrayed them to be only the well-known katana, and very rarely use the proper terminology or classifications of these swords. These swords are amongst the most easily recognised weapons the worldwide. They are steeped in ancient traditions and trace their origins to sixteenth century Japan when the mighty samurai warriors wielded them with precision and mastery. This sword is a very special weapon that obtains its unique curvature in the final cooling of the metal.

Samurai Sword

Unlike other weapons, each sword is crafted lovingly by hand, a skill that is passed from father to son over many generations. Samurai warriors were known to wield two versions of the sword, the longer katana and the shorter blade of the wakizashi. There is a still shorter version of the wakizashi, known as the tanto. Learning to draw your sword cleanly was a much-practiced art that took years to learn.

Each sword maker uses his technique of folding the metal in the blade, creating a unique pattern known as a hada. By adding a quality samurai sword to your collection, you are perpetuating the continuation of a long tradition of excellent sword making. The weapon is still used by martial artists today, who take years to wield it correctly, learning a sense of self-mastery and discipline in the process.

Each sword maker goes to great lengths to ensure that the sword he creates are artful masterpieces, yet they are still perfectly functional weapons despite their great beauty. The blades are made from high-quality carbon steel, guaranteed to give the weapon a razor sharp cutting edge. The hand guard, or tsuba, is rarely plain and usually incorporates a traditional design.

The scabbard, or saya, is often a stand-alone work of art. There are several hundred sword makers who specialise in the art of forging samurai swords today, each using their specialized technique. Collectors are lucky to be able to purchase a quality sword from various sources. The most convenient of these is the Internet, which allows the collector to browse, select his weapon and buy it online.

The fact that our world has become so technologically advanced means that a sword can be purchased and delivered within a matter of days to avid collectors all over the globe. This is a wonderful means for perpetuating the popularity and fascination that so many sword collectors have for the beautiful and unique samurai sword.
You obviously are aware of or fascinated with one of the most impressive and surprising short arm pieces of weaponry invented before the gunfire.

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